In Medellin with my students 2015:  EAFIT (Bachelor and CEC), Fundación Universitaria Bellas Artes, Medellin Philharmonic Academy (now Iberacademy) and with my dear colleague Javier Asdrúbal Vinasco Guzmán

“I met Jose during his tour in Malaysia, and I was lucky enough to be chosen to demonstrate on stage in one of his masterclasses. Later on, I also went to one of his performances, and Jose was very generous to provide me with a private lesson during his stay in Malaysia. It was an eye-opening session with Jose, he explained about air support, voicing, embouchure and tonal projection. It never occurred to me that there is so much to think about in tone production and every little detail could have a tremendous effect on the sound. I particularly enjoyed his explanation of the concept of imagining sound production from the top of your head, where this process allows me to relax and frees up the sound I am producing at the time. I have kept this concept as guidance to be sure that I am producing a good and focused clarinet tone and projecting them. Jose also provided me some insightful ideas on playing the Mozart clarinet concerto, which I believe benefited me greatly during my audition for a Master’s degree course which I am undertaking now in the Royal Welsh College of Music. In my experience with Jose, he shows a deep passion for music. He holds great knowledge of the instrument and passionately shares his knowledge with others.”

Kenny Lim
Royal Welsh College of Music – London (UK)

         “I had the privilege to study with professor Jose Garcia-Taborda for more than eight years. I can tell without any doubt he provided me with all the resources to have a successful musical life. His deep knowledge of music and clarinet technique besides his unique motivational skills makes him a great teacher. I had the most wonderful time under his advice.”

Jhoser Salazar
Former Assistant Principal Clarinet, Medellin Philharmonic
Principal Clarinet IberAcademy Orchestra European tour 2018
Played in side by side with The Vienna State Opera,
Lucerne Festival Switzerland 2018

“Mr. García-Taborda has been the most important teacher in my musical and clarinet education during the time I studied in South America. He has given me the best learning bases, and it was thanks to him that I continue with music here in Europe. Personally, I have a great appreciation for him, and for always motivating me to grow and have taken the trouble to care at every moment of my training, he has also taught me patience and discipline. Mr. Garcia-Taborda is for me a great musician, has a unique ability, excellent ear, and is a great teacher. He taught me both technical and musical aspects of acting, and he accompanied me in large part of my learning process. He is a person with high empathy that is always working towards the development of each student.”

Natacha Correa
Graduate student at The Queen Sofía College of Music

         “I’m so grateful I got to attend to Prof. García’s masterclasses and take lessons with him when I was a teenager. It was an eye-opening experience. His teaching is flexible and adapts to each student’s ways of learning. Anything he says, regardless of its musical, technical, or structural nature, has an argument based on research from several sources that he shares with his students. I loved how he gave me solutions to technical problems and helped me understand the acoustical and technical parts of the issue. When we worked on phrasing, he explained me the theory behind it and gave a broad historical context to have an informed interpretation. Prof. García-Taborda was widely knowledgeable in many different areas and was always looking to learn even more. He was and has been truly an inspiration as a student and has helped me become the musician I am today. Any student would be lucky to have him as a mentor.”

Sofía Potdevin
M.M Indiana University
Guest Eb Clarinet
Mississippi Symphony Orchestra – USA

         “Professor Jose Garcia Taborda has been an extraordinary person in my musical career thanks to his excellent teaching methods which contributed to excellent results for me. He has encouraged me to learn the importance of discipline in my career as a musician and has given me the resources to strengthen my musical abilities.”

Sasha Sanchez
Former Bass Clarinet Medellin Philharmonic Orchestra (Colombia) Second Clarinet IberAcademy Orchestra

European tour 2018
Lucerne Festival Switzerland 2018

“Working with Jose Garcia-Taborda is always a pleasure; I have been fortunate enough to take lessons with him over the past ten years. He constantly imagines new ways to teach clarinet at all levels. Mr. Garcia-Taborda excels at pinpointing and solving technical challenges creatively, as well as in bringing out the most musical expression in his students.”

Luisa M. Raigosa P.
Graduate Student and Teaching Assistant at the University of Delaware

         “With his help and instruction, my musical career has become in a dream come true. Not only like a clarinet player but also as a wind orchestra conductor. Al of l his work in my studies make me a professional musician and a happy person.”

Pablo Daniel Aguirre
Artistic Director
Guarne School of Music (Colombia)

         “During my lessons with Mr. García-Taborda, I have learned the value of hard work, discipline, and determination. Thanks to that, I have had great experiences in my career.”

Duván Andrés Aristizábal
Former Principal Clarinet Orquesta Sinfónica de Antioquia
Concertmaster Banda Sinfónica de Sabaneta (Colombia)


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