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The chamber ensemble Orduz-Garcia was founded in 2012 by pianist Ana María Orduz-Espinal and clarinetist Jose García-Taborda with the purpose of researching, rescuing, and broadcasting the musical heritage of Latin America. Orduz-Garcia is committed to creating new repertoire, commissioning new music of emerging composers, and spreading among broad audiences the standard repertoire for piano and clarinet. The Orduz-Garcia duo has performed throughout South America, the United States, and Asia. Their first CD Portraits of Colombia (2015) has received excellent reviews:

“… I find Orduz in sync with García in both balance and stylist mindset. They are clearly a duo that functions well together.”

Howard Klug, The Clarinet Magazine, 2017

Orduz-García is producing their second CD Portraits of Latin America that to be released in 2019.
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