Set Up

As a clarinet player and as a teacher I am always searching to try new accessories, reeds and different gadgets that make our lives easier. I am a true believer in research and the use of new technologies to improve our set up; when added to tradition and experience we can get closer to the path of making our performances less equipment focused and focus on the music only. Whit this, I don’t mean to say that the equipment can replace practice or education, but I believe that we should take advantage of living in the 21st Century.
The following is my set up and I highly recommend it for its quality in the sound and the flexibility to achieve my musical ideas during performances.
slogan_logo_black_1024_en (2)I switched to Yamaha Clarinets around five years ago, and I only have one thing to say about these fantastic instruments: if you are ready and willing to open your mind and break the paradigms I invite you to try them. The one and only risk is that, as I did, you will find a fantastic instrument that will allow you to express without making your job any more complicated.
EF9DDD48-F8F3-4E8A-BAE9-1C3283203E26 I am a huge fan of the BG Tradition Gold Plate ligature. If you are searching for clarity, a radiant, and colorful sound, this is a perfect choice to include in your equipment. For other specific chamber ensemble settings I also use the Super Revelation model, but I have to say that I am still in love with the Tradition model. The clarinet is a heavy instrument for just a single thumb. In the end, I developed tennis elbow two years back, and I honestly would have liked that someone had recommended that I used a Strap. I find the BG strap to be comfortable and easy to use, and the new models are also fancy and elegant.
I use many products from BG because I recognize Franck Bichon as a designer who cares about any small details, no only acoustical speaking but also in design and manufacture.
12B6869C-E71C-4697-9573-BC3A52FD0D4FIf you feel tired due to the stress of opening a new reed case hoping for a miracle, stop suffering: Make music and use Légère.
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